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2017 Submissions

Help House Song
Salsa Man House Song
Sunny Habitat House Song
Tellsign House Song

2016 Submissions

Such a Batch House Song
Weedin Chillin House Song
World of Sound House Song
Hardstyle attempt - Loving it Miscellaneous Song
Take her out and kill her! Experimental Song
Adventure guide version 2 Classical Song
Adventure Guide Classical Song
Gray Mail House Song
Styleopener Dance Song

2015 Submissions

Soft vs hard <3 House Song
Zen-Po Entrance theme for VW Video Game Song
Let's make it hard! <3 House Song
Game Battle Music Experimental Song
Piano plaything Classical Loop
Jamaica man House Song
Cherry Version 2 House Song
Cherry House Song
Let me get serious Experimental Song
WiP Majestic Experimental Song
Sexy Character House Song
Electrified House Song
Newgame House Song
Styvol Demo Dance Song
Dry bits first release House Song
Chill'd Experimental Song
Corono Dance Song
Filthy Scratch Dance Song
Bragback Pre-releases House Song
Communicate DEMO *Prog. House* House Song
Hardstyle attempt Experimental Song

2013 Submissions

Progression Dance Song

2012 Submissions

buildupz Classical Song

2011 Submissions

Santa4all Classical Song
Coffee Machine Techno Song
Rock of stars Techno Song